Power House Children’s Ministry

PowerHouse Children’s Program:

Run during our morning service, we cater for primary school children from Prep to Grade 6.  The children stay in until approximately 11am and then leave for their own Children’s Church program called ‘PowerHouse’  we provide Kids’ programs that are facilitated by leaders who have WWCC, Police Checks & have undergone our Safe Churches Training.

PowerHouse is an empowering kids program encouraging the individuality of every child. Our programs provide opportunity for creativity, adventure, and positive friendship building.
Sunday Program:

Our Sunday services include a ,quality kids program differing every week to cater for each child’s individual style of learning allowing them to connect with God in their own way. Sign-in take place in the church foyer before our Sunday morning service and sign-out takes place at the conclusion of our morning service, over in the Youth Shed.. Our Sunday program consists of games, toys, arts, crafts and more.

Bus Pickup – We have a bus service for children, if required, picking up school aged children between 9:30 am and 10:00 am and dropping them home at approximately 12:00 – 12:30.

If you would like more information on PowerHouse, please contact either Christine Anderson c_ando55@hotmail.com or Alice Tindale tindakis.ally@gmail.com