Small Groups

Here at the CCK we encourage everyone to be a part of a small group or ‘home group’ where we can encourage one another in our personal lives, encourage one another to connect to and learn more about God and encourage one another to  apply our faith to the community.

Each small group meets in a unique location, some at the church, others in one another’s homes.  Some meet fortnightly, others weekly, some meet during the day, and some of an evening,  depending on the needs of the individual group members.

If you are interested in becoming involved in a small group, or even just trying one for a time, please ask our Pastors David or Rhonda or one of the Elders who will be able to introduce you to some of our small group leaders , who can offer further information in regard to the individual small groups and help you find one that is the right fit for you.


CCK Food Barn

The CCK Food Barn is run by a team of volunteers to assist those less fortunate with essential food items, and to provide emergency food hampers to those in need.

The CCK Food Barn is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 9am to 12.30pm and is situated in the Youth Shed on the North of the main church building.


Youth Program

Illuminate Youth
Illuminate exists to connect teenagers to Jesus.

Illuminate Youth is specifically designed for high school students and we share life together in a number of different ways.

Most Friday night’s we have a youth service where a powerful message for young people will be shared and ‘tribal wars’ will be played. This is a great opportunity to meet new friends and hang out with positive teenagers.

At Illuminate youth we have created a crazy environment for teenagers to bring their friends and hear the true and loving message of God.

Illuminate Youth meets on Friday nights at the Youth Shed at the Community Church Kyabram.

Illuminate Youth is run by Serena Moore and her incredible team.


We also provide crèche care for the youngest members of our congregation and their friends.  This is provided in the Church Foyer from the same time as the primary school children leave for PowerHouse, at approximately 11am.  This is an adult supervised program for toddlers to pre-schoolers.  Parents and Carers are welcome to stay to help their child settle in.

Power House Children’s Ministry

PowerHouse Children’s Program:

Run during our morning service, we cater for primary school children from Prep to Grade 6.  The children stay in until approximately 11am and then leave for their own Children’s Church program called ‘PowerHouse’  we provide Kids’ programs that are facilitated by leaders who have WWCC, Police Checks & have undergone our Safe Churches Training.

PowerHouse is an empowering kids program encouraging the individuality of every child. Our programs provide opportunity for creativity, adventure, and positive friendship building.
Sunday Program:

Our Sunday services include a ,quality kids program differing every week to cater for each child’s individual style of learning allowing them to connect with God in their own way. Sign-in take place in the church foyer before our Sunday morning service and sign-out takes place at the conclusion of our morning service, over in the Youth Shed.. Our Sunday program consists of games, toys, arts, crafts and more.

Bus Pickup – We have a bus service for children, if required, picking up school aged children between 9:30 am and 10:00 am and dropping them home at approximately 12:00 – 12:30.

If you would like more information on PowerHouse, please contact either Christine Anderson or Alice Tindale