Senior Pastors David & Rhonda Lloyd

David and Rhonda were married in 1994 and spent from 1997-1999 in fulltime Bible College.  Since then they have ministered in churches and their communities in Healesville and Wangaratta.  They came to Kyabram to lead CCK in Jan 2017.  They have five children, Tim 22, Jemimah 21, Daniel, 19, Nathan 10 and Gracie 8.  David & Rhonda feel called to bring a vibrant spirituality into the church community where all ages are being empowered into ministry.  David’s gifts include preaching, prayer ministry, evangelism and strategic church management.  Rhonda loves pastoral care and ministry to women.  Together they are passionate about leading and empowering a church to reach the lost and lonely for Jesus.


Our previous pastor was John Hosking. John is married to Janice and served as our lead pastor from the formation of the church until December 2016.

John now serves as a chaplain at Echuca West Primary School and also at Tallygaroopna Primary School.

The church has been richly blessed by the time John spent as pastor along with his family.


We have four Elders:

  • Lyn Hunter
  • Ian Hunter
  • Glenn MacKenzie
  • Mary Wiltshire.
IG Hunter
IG Hunter
Mary Wiltshire: Elder
Mary Wiltshire
Lyn Hunter




Along with our pastor, the elders meet each month. They discuss, usually over a meal, the life and ministry of the Community Church.

They consider programs (such as Search For Life, Alpha), the spiritual temperature of the church as well as other concerns.

They pray for the church’s people and dream about the future.

They also function as a sounding board for our pastor.

Lyn, Ian, Glenn and Mary are available to discuss any concerns about the church.


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